We are more than just a music PR company, we also have our own label with worldwide distribution via Absolute/Universal, so not only can we promote your music, we can also release and distribute it for you, looking after your sound every step of the way and giving it, and you, maximum exposure to ensure a successful campaign outcome.

Built upon years of experience in the music industry, mainstream media, as well as in the world of music PR and marketing, we have all the expertise required to make you seen and heard where it matters, by the people that matter.

Our primary goal is to offer affordable music pr and create dynamic press campaigns for our clients driven by results and an enthusiastic work ethic.

We provide a range of competitive and affordable packages designed to suit your budget, so whether you are an unsigned artist or a well-known key player, we strive to bring you the best results possible.

We adapt a grassroots strategy targeting genuine audiences for your music and delivering results that count.

Quicksmartmedia.com is owned by Anthony Myers and was founded in 2010 in York, England.