July 14, 2020


Press & marketing Services

Album & EP Publicity Campaigns
Single & Video Publicity Campaigns
Social Media Marketing
Press & PR

Artist Services

Artist Development & Coaching

Label Services

Music distribution
Distribute your music on the largest streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, YouTube, TikTok & more.

Playlist Campaigns
We submit your singles to curators with active playlists on digital streaming platforms.

Mixing And Mastering Services

Mixing and Mastering services that will leave you with radio ready quality tracks.

How we work:

You record the song that you want mixed and send us the WAV track out files.

Make sure you leave off any effects so that we have a clean slate to mix properly. You can always send us reference tracks if you have an idea of the mix so we have a point of reference.

Our engineers and producers have incredible ears and will be able to see where you’re going musically. We send you the song back mixed and you can submit up to one revision for FREE. After the initial revision, there will be extra costs.

Get started with radio mixing and mastering services contact us so we can discuss your projects.

Music Video Production
Details on demand.

For general enquiries please email hello@quicksmartmedia.com